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Obenheimer Express Band
Tel:  +33 (0)3 88 98 41 06
Mob.: +33 (0)6 88 47 39 36
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- Palais des Congrès STRASBOURG
- Soirées de gala privées.
Lohr industries, Mars Chocolat France, Heineken, Sidel, Siemens, Renault, Groupama, Crédit Agricole.
- Dissolution de la B.A. 124 d'Entzheim, sous l'égide du Général en chef de l'armée de l'air.
- Soirée ambassade inter-alliés, Elysée Paris.
- Soirées de galas régionales, carnavalesques, fêtes de la bière (Schiltigheim, Cronenbourg, Missouri + de 100.000 personnes, etc…)
- Réunion internationale cyclotouriste 2004 CERNAY(+ de 15.000 personnes)
- Semaine alsacienne de Francfort
- Ohmbachsee Gries(D) (+ de 30000 personnes!)
- Union des coorporation des artisans du Haut-Rhin (soirée présidée par Mmrs les Préfets sous-préfets, Président du conseil régional, secrétaire
- Gala fédération des chasseurs d'Alsace.

Obenheimer Express Band

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Obenheimer Express Band

In the seventies, after his participation to several bands in Alsace for almost twenty years, Eric Heilbronn, an accordion player from Obenheim in Alsace, (often dubbed « Bouvel », which means little boy) decided to form his own little group of 3 musicians called RICOSHOW Band, using only accordeon, drums and guitar, they started to animate weddings, village fairs, anniversaries, etc…..

As they became more and more successful, the band started growing, adding, saxophone, bass, trumpet and trombone.

Between 1975 and 1990 the band remained in the same configuration and appeared in 50 to 60 gigs a year (all this while being non professionals) mostly in Alsace, the french region accross the Rhine River from Germany.

The good ambiance in the band and the quality and the liveliness of its musicians made them become the undisputed leaders on the local venues (partys, carnival events, galas of all kinds)
Whenever « Bouvel » and his boys appeared it was always good times garanteed. Such venues frenquently lasted from 20h30pm to 06h00am, NON STOP !!!

In 1990 a second trumpet player and a female singer were added to the crew. Several senior musicians retired and new ones were recruted to remain with a 9 piece band.

Eric Heilbronn, the founder, retired from the music buisness (largely earned) in 2001 at the age of 63 handing over the leadership to his son Alain who keeps up with the spirit of the band « Stimmung » which means « having a good time ».

It is in 2007 that everything sped up.

After a venue on a fair in Germany, it was suggested to the band to export our Rhenish culture
abroad. Thus contacts were made with South Africa, Chile, New Caledonia, and the USA.
It is the latter that led us to Missouri.

The musicians have joined in an association called « OBENHEIMER EXPRESS BAND » in order to share our passion for « Oompah music » and « Stimmung » all over the world.

Come on and join the caravan to enjoy the « Oompah Music » !!!